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The Other Side: How to Make Your Lawn the Envy of the Neighborhood

Some people just seem to have a green thumb, and their yards always look beautiful. Other yards can look a little sad after the winter, as if they need a facelift before summer. If your landscape isn't currently in prime condition, here are some simple ideas to get it looking better in no time, and they don't all require a lot of time or money. That's the good news!

Incorporate Hardscape

While trees, shrubs and grass add life, color and beauty to the landscape, they can require a lot of care. But by adding natural elements that are less affected by weather, including pathways, retaining walls, boulders and other permanent elements, you not only define space but add interest to your exterior space. Interspersed with green features and seasonal plantings, this type of lasting hardscape can be a boon in terms of easy care and lasting value and long-term beauty. You can also add garden arbors, gates and statuary.

Don't Fight Nature

Always give a nod to your location by using native plants when possible that, once established, require a minimum of care. All living things require water, but gear your choices not only to your growing zone, but to the amount of sun and drainage of your specific lot and orientation. No matter how much you would like a palm tree or a blooming tropical plant in Minnesota, it just isn't going to happen unless you have a greenhouse or conservatory.

Seek Professional Advice

Often the most cost-effective way to accomplish change is to seek experienced help and advice. When you call in a professional landscaper, you benefit from that experience and knowledge, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that whatever changes you choose to make will be completed to your satisfaction within an agreed-upon time frame at a price you approve. That's comforting, and it allows you to concentrate on the overall picture rather than the troublesome details.

Don't Overdo It

Landscaping improvements are like most things: A little can go a long way. By tailoring your landscape to what's appropriate for your neighborhood and your home's style, you will add beauty and value to your property that will only become better over time. What more can you ask?

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