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How to Protect Your Lawn from Common Pests

How to Protect Your Lawn from Common Pests

You can prevent damage of your lawn from insects and other pests. You must start with establishing that the problem with your lawn is pests. Many insects live in your lawn but most of them are not harmful. Lawn pests are generally categorized into three:

  • Harmful insects on blade of the grass

  • Harmful insects on the ground of the lawn

  • Harmful insects in the soil

Identify which one could be your problem before choosing preventive measure.

Prevention by maintenance

Take care of your lawn properly to avoid infestations. Air layers of your law when they are too thick and plant pest resistant grass like perennial ryegrass.

Biological control

Fight pests with other living organisms for safer pest elimination method. Japanese Beetles, for example, can be fought with nematodes.

Repellant plants

Some plants are strongly scented and naturally disliked by bugs and pests that like to attack lawns. You can plant them from the beginning or introduce them towards the pests. Clovers and chrysanthemums are good options.

Insect repellant spray

You can find many recipes online to repel insects and big pests too. They usually have ingredients like garlic and sometimes essential oils. They can protect your plants by keeping pests away.

Chemical pesticide

This is the fastest solution for pests but it tends to kill the good and bad bugs alike. If your pest problem is not extreme, try other methods before using pesticides. Read labels to be sure what you are using addresses your problem. An insecticide like clothianidin is used to prevent white grub.

  • For surface dwelling pests: apply with a light spray of water. Do this in the afternoon or early evening.

  • For root feeding pests: a more powerful concentration of the pesticide should be used to reach the roots and dense watering should follow.

If you need assistance maintaining your lawn, contact Hawkeye Services.

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