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Are You Ready To Weatherize Your Yard This Winter?

In cold climates, it is important to properly prepare your yard for the changes that winter brings. Freezing precipitation, harsh winds, and cold temperatures can all wreak havoc on a beautiful landscape. Fortunately, you can maintain a lush and beautiful lawn by using these tips to properly winterize your yard this winter.

Gather Your Supplies

Winterizing your yard requires a few extra supplies compared to your spring preparations. Make sure to have mulch on hand to add a layer of warmth around tree bases and in plant beds. You will also need burlap, stakes and other wind-resistant materials if you plan to shield any plants on your property. Since fall is also the ideal time to over-seed grass, you will need a cool-weather grass seed along with a spreader.

Protect Your Flowers

A fall cleanup should be conducted now to remove flowers that will die and cause debris during the cold weather. Once you have removed annuals and withering blooms, add mulch around the crowns of newly planted flowers such as roses and perennials. Then, assess your plant varieties to see if any need to be given added protection. Many bulb varieties actually require cold temperatures to spur growth in the spring. However, certain flowers, such as calla lilies, may need to be moved indoors to prevent significant damage.

Screen Your Evergreens

Evergreens survive cold weather because their root systems stop taking in water when the temperatures drop below freezing. However, your trees still need protection from the harsh winter wind. Prepare the ground for screening by putting stakes in the soil near your trees before the ground freezes. Then, add burlap screens to shield evergreens from the wind once the temperatures stay mostly within the freezing range.

Prep Your Grass

In most landscapes, the grass is the most visible part, and prepping your ground cover now helps it survive the dormant stage of its growth cycle. Fall is the best time to plant grass seed because it gives the seeds time to put down roots before the ground freezes. If you have cool-weather grass in your landscaping, then you also need to arrange for aeration to give the seeds a better chance at sprouting in the spring.

Proper care of your plants now helps you enjoy a beautiful landscape when warmer weather arrives once again. Get a jumpstart on weatherizing your yard this season by contacting Hawkeye Services today.

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