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5 Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Our yards are the first thing people will see when approaching our properties, and we will want to put our best foot forward. In this article you will find five tips for maintaining a healthy lawn.

Using Fertilizer

Two to three and a half pounds of chemical are needed for 1,000 feet of lawn. Make sure to apply this evenly over the correct amount of space for the greatest success.

Watering Your Yard

When you are watering your lawn, be sure to do it long enough to allow the moisture to penetrate down into the roots of the grass. It is better to provide a longer watering session less often than it is to sprinkle your grass more often. This will equate to about an inch of water every week.

Enlist the Support of a Tree Service

Designing a beautiful lawn also involves the choosing and planting of trees. You will want to work with a tree service company that can provide advice as to what types of trees will work well with the goals you have for your property. Shady trees can help with utility costs, and flowering trees should be planted away from HVAC systems.

Ensure Proper Drainage

You will want to make sure that rain runoff has a place to go so that your lawn does not become a swamp after it storms. You may need to contact a heavy equipment service to create landscaping features that will give assistance in this regard. In addition, there are plants that can aid you with establishing good drainage, and these include Marsh Marigold, Winterberry Holly, and Elephant Ear.

Choosing the Right Grass

Proper lawn care includes planting the appropriate grasses for the climate in which you live. Cooler weather, like what is prevalent in the Northwestern region of the United States, works well with Kentucky bluegrass. This variety is able to withstand the winters and will look luxuriant in the spring.

Perennial ryegrass is recommended if you live in the Midwest, as it is durable and works well with the changes in weather. Bermudagrass is preferred for very humid areas like Texas, and Bahiagrass is good for those along the Gulf Coast. A good landscaping service will be able to further advise you in this regard. Hawkeye Services in Rochester, MN offers a wide variety of landscaping and lawn services with top notch service.

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