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5 Cold Resistant Plants For Your Garden


Minnesota winters can be brutal! Spring freeze dates will sometimes go right into June while first frost dates can come as early as September. This makes gardening in Minnesota somewhat challenging however, there are some plants that can survive the coldest of temperatures.


This perennial, with its beautiful pink flowers, always gives a dazzling display in springtime. Peonies will come back year after year, and even multiply no matter how frigid the temperatures. After the flowers die off, the green leaves will turn a shade of pale pink in the fall. Care is relatively easy. Once the winter looms close, trim the woody stems and they’ll return the following year.

Snow Crocus

Like the peony, the snow crocus is a perennial and provides gardens with a touch of color in the later part of winter. They also will spread and need a minimal amount of care.


These perennials actually bloom in the winter, that’s how much they like the cold. Deer do not care for Hellebore which also helps to preserve these hardy plants.


These striking blue perennials are hardy in both zones 3 and 4 making them ideal for Minnesota climate. But, be forewarned, these plants can be a challenge. They need to be staked (much like peonies) but don’t care for extreme climate changes such as driving wind, rain, or heat.


Echinacea can survive the harshest of winters and they are also native to Minnesota. The flowers can last from early summer to early fall and will attract both bees and butterflies to the garden. The plant is also known for its medicinal properties. Echinacea is a perennial and will provide reliable blooms year after year.


If you have questions about gardening, landscaping, snow plow and heavy equipment services, Hawkeye Services will be happy to help. The 5 plants listed here are only a sampling of the beautiful blooms you can bring to your garden no matter how cold it may get.

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